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Commission granted close to €40 million in EU co-funding

In December 2013, the Commission published new calls for CIVITAS. For the first time, the projects that were asked for were knowledge-building projects rather than city-led demonstration actions. The three call areas were about transforming the use of conventionally fuelled vehicles in urban areas, reducing the impacts and costs of urban freight and tackling urban road congestion.

Under the first area, transforming the use of conventionally fuelled vehicles, the Commission signed a grant agreement for:

  • ELIPTIC will show how costs and energy can be saved by electrifying public transport and optimising the use of existing infrastructure and rolling stock;

  • EMPOWER will empower individuals to choose alternatives to conventionally-fuelled vehicles.

Under reducing the impacts and costs of urban freight, the following projects were selected:

  • CITYLAB will support cities and private companies developing new services and business models for improved sustainability and profitability of their logistic activities;

  • NOVELOG will enable city logistics policy formulation and decision-making as part of the city’s sustainable urban mobility planning, and support implementation and take up of appropriate measures;

  • SUCCESS will improve knowledge and understanding of freight distribution and service trips for the construction sector and demonstrate impacts in terms of transport and environmental efficiency;

  • U-TURN will identify opportunities for collaboration and innovative logistics sharing strategies and showcase their impact and results.

And under tackling congestion, grant agreements were made for:

  • CIPTEC will bring new thinking and innovative solutions - service concepts and business models - for public transport;

  • CREATE will develop new congestion and network performance indicators and insights into how cities can reduce car use, and make a business case for investing in sustainable mobility infrastructure and measures;

  • FLOW will create a new level of understanding among transport professionals and policy makers towards understanding the congestion reduction benefits of walking and cycling;

  • TRACE will trigger innovative cycling and walking promotion initiatives and planning practices by expanding the knowledge and leveraging the potential of cycling and walking tracking.

Together these ten new projects gather close to €40 million of EU co-funding. They are starting between May and September 2015 and will all last for three years.
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