New charging station at the monastery of City of Aachen forms as symbol for the use of electric vehicles

On Friday 17th of June Aachen's 28th charging station for electromobile cars was opened by Lord Mayor Marcel Philipp and the director of the local energy company STAWAG, Peter Asmuth. The new charging station is situated at the "Klosterplatz" in the heart of the historic old town, in front of the administration building "Katschhof". The extension of the charging network is part of a car pool project with electric vehicles for the employees of the City of Aachen which started earlier this year. The e-vehicle - a Smart ED's - can be booked by telephone, internet or smartphone app via the carSharing-Software of local partner cambio. The aim of the project is that all business trips are made with an electric car instead of a private conventional car. In the long run, for city employees it will even not be allowed anymore to use their own cars for business trips and it is expected that this will encourage employees to use public transportation or bicycle for their commute to work. „Step by step we are building new infrastructure for electromobility. Each single electric vehicle and each charging station contributes to our efforts to improve quality of life in Aachen“, said Lord Mayor Marcel Philipp.

"The new charging station at the monastery place is a symbol of electromobility in Aachen," according to Eckard Larosch, project director of CIVITAS DYN@MO. "CIVITAS DYN@MO allows us to implement innovative concepts for sustainable mobility - with long-term, positive effects. This makes it so valuable for Aachen ", continued Larosch. Examples include the conversion of a hybrid bus to a pure electric vehicle, the procurement of additional electric buses and the development of a pedelec rental system, called Velocity.

The festive happening was accompanied by Antonio Scala, project officer of CIVITAS DYN@MO, and two reviewers of the EU Commission. Later on during the site visit, insights were given on the other measures of the DYN@MO project in Aachen.


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