New booklet reveals success stories of CIVITAS cities

CIVITAS involvement has inspired numerous cities to change their mobility systems and the way that people move in and around them.

In a new booklet entitled "CIVITAS Cities - Success Stories", discover the tales of five cities who have been particularly successful in doing so.

In Bremen (Germany), Brno (Czech Republic), Funchal (Portugal), Gdansk (Poland), and Nantes (France), participation in the CIVITAS network and activities has served as a sustainable springboard and the basis for a green transport transformation.

Learn about Bremen's ascent to a world-leading car sharing city, Gdansk's combating of vandalism on public transport, Nantes' cycling network, and much more.

Read the booklet below and here. This booklet marks the second edition in the series on CIVITAS city success stories - look at the first one here.

Author: Richard Adams



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