MOMENTUM seeks solutions for new mobility challenges

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A new document outlines the initiatives, challenges and plans for the four different case study cities in the MOMENTUM project.

Madrid (Spain), Leuven (Belgium), Regensburg (Germany) and Thessaloniki (Greece) face varied challenges. Yet they all share the wish to assess the future potential of emerging transport solutions.

Within MOMENTUM, each city is analysing a different mobility challenge linked to such new solutions.

In comparison to traditional means of private and public transport, new transport solutions are driven by novel technology and new business models.

Recent technological advancements have led to car sharing and mobility as a service (MaaS), as well as new ways of getting around, such as shared bikes or e-scooters- the so-called micro-mobility solutions.

Nevertheless, new opportunities to get from A to B can create another set of challenges for traffic managers, municipalities and city planners.

The situation is made more complex by the fact that resident and commuter behaviour, pre-existing transport rules, and external factors like weather and climatic conditions differ in each place.

Despite this, MOMENTUM aims to help cities answer two vital questions:

  •  How can cities be prepared for emerging transport solutions?
  •  Which tools and policy recommendations support administrations, city planners and traffic managers to predict, embrace and cope with these new solutions.

Read more on the challenges that MOMENTUM's four cities face in terms of emerging mobility here

Author: Maria-Cecilia Angulo


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