Managing conflicts over street space in Bremen

Car Parking in Bremen (Germany)

There is now good news to report from the project's pilot site in Bremen (Germany), where excessive car-parking has been affecting people’s mobility.

The parking situation in Hulsberg, the SUNRISE neighbourhood in Bremen, has been quite dramatic.

For years, private cars have taken up a considerable part of the narrow streets, covering parts of pavements. On some occasions, they even blocked the way of firefighters and ambulance crews.

SUNRISE looked at examples elsewhere and involved residents and local stakeholders in its discussions on how to combat the issue. 

The project research group found that the conflict could be mitigated by creating residents' parking and increasing monitoring of legal kerbside parking.

Successfully, the coalition agreement after Bremen’s 2019 elections decided to implement SUNRISE proposed solutions not only in Hulsberg but also in other neighbourhoods in Bremen. 

Find out more on Hulsberg here and see a video on the topic here. It is well worth a watch!

Author: Richard Adams


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