Malmö kicks off CIVITAS Forum Conference 2010

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The CIVITAS Forum Conference begins today in the Swedish city of Malmö. The Forum Conference will run until 29 September and brings together representatives of CIVITAS Forum Network member cities including their politicians and technical experts. The conference is the eight in the series and Malmö follows on from the city Krakow Poland, which hosted the event last year. The CIVITAS Forum Network currently includes 182 cities from 32 European countries, that have formally committed to clean and sustainable urban transport.

The event is made up of meetings, which plenary and smaller technical and roundtable sessions, ensuring participants from the participating cities have plenty of opportunities for exchange and discussions. A Politicians´ Forum will also take place during conference, as the representatives of the CIVITAS cities gather together in a forum chaired by the Mayor of Malmö. The politicians will focus on sustainable urban mobility policy issues, while members of the CIVITAS Political Advisory Committee (PAC), will also attend to further debate and bring the ideas and views of the group forward for consideration and possible take up by the CIVITAS Initiative.Malmö is ideal located to host the Forum, situated in southern Sweden's Oresund region and with approximately 295,000 inhabitants and has developed as a thriving industrial and trade centre from its medieval roots. It is now renowned for its eco-friendly neighbourhoods and is often referred to as the world's smallest big city, not least because you can reach anywhere with a bike in 15 minutes. This philosophy of using sustainable means of transport over short journeys is one that has underpinned Malmö's involvement in CIVITAS SMILE, the achievements of which the city looks forward to sharing with visitors of the CIVITAS Forum 2010.

Author: CIVITAS Secretariat
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