Making traffic safety trainings for children fun

School and pre-school children in Usti nad Labem learn basic traffic rules not only in theoretical lectures in the class room. They also have practical trainings outside on a traffic court. The court has now received new equipment that makes learning easier and more fun.

The new equipment was provided by CIVITAS ARCHIMEDES. It enables the traffic court that is managed by the municipal police to be mobile and therefore also accessible to children from distant areas. As part of the CIVITAS road safety campaign, the new equipment was also aquired for the indoor premises of the municipal police. This opens new ways of more attractive and graphic learning of safe traffic behaviour. With the new equipment, the traffic training can now also include comics-style traffic tests and studying materials, for example. There are sets of wooden traffic signs to practice, games and puzzles such as card games, dominos and quizzes on traffic rules, as well as a flipchart, traffic-themed magnets and colourful stationary. Moreover, the indoor training court now boasts a carpet that has roads, crossroads and pedestrian crossings on it.  Each school that visits the traffic court is awarded safety vests and other safety gadgets for pupils. The school also receives safety stop disks for safe crossing of streets. 

Author: Katerina Oktabcova


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