LEAD Policy Recommendations on Digital Twins Launched!


Urban logistics are grappling with mounting challenges brought about by the surging consumer demand and the booming e-commerce sector. Digital Twins empower decision-makers to construct virtual models of logistics operations, effectively tackling these issues. Following the conclusion of the project, LEAD has published its policy recommendations aimed at exploring the capabilities of Digital Twins (DTs) to usher in a transformation in urban logistics.

Here are the key messages from the LEAD Policy Recommendations:

  1. Unleashing Untapped Potential: Digital Twins have the power to revolutionise urban logistics by enabling decision-makers to simulate and test a wide range of scenarios, reducing the costs and risks associated with real-world implementations.
  2. Navigating Implementation Challenges: The adoption of Digital Twins can be intricate and resource-intensive, demanding skilled professionals. Overcoming challenges related to scalability and data sharing between cities and administrations remains an ongoing concern.
  3. Empowering Local Authorities: City officials can unlock a new realm of urban logistics planning. LEAD calls for cities to embrace digitalisation, cultivate interdisciplinary collaboration, invest in training, and adopt a comprehensive approach that ensures data quality, establishes data sharing protocols, and promotes open data standards, all of which are pivotal for advancing Digital Twins in urban logistics.
  4. A Promising Horizon: EU institutions should seize the opportunities presented by LEAD and its follow-up projects. This involves leveraging open datasets and open-source software, allocating funds for research, fostering connections with Living-in.EU, elevating awareness, facilitating the development of standards and protocols, and creating supportive regulations.

The LEAD policy recommendations represent a significant step towards fully unlocking the potential of Digital Twins in urban logistics planning. As cities continue to grapple with the complexities of urban logistics, Digital Twins offer a promising solution to improve efficiency and sustainability. By adopting these recommendations, local authorities and EU services can pave the way for a future of smarter, data-driven urban logistics that benefits both the public and private sectors.

You can read the full LEAD Policy Recommendations brochure here.

Author: Claudia Ribeiro





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