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The CIVITAS Forum Network of cities welcomes its newest member, the town of Koprivnica from north-western Croatia. Koprivnica adopted its Sustainable Mobility Strategy in 2001, which includes ambitious goals for the extensive reconstruction of transport infrastructure and the active promotion of sustainable modes of transport, particularly walking and cycling.

When speaking about Koprivnica’s efforts in implementing sustainable transport measures, Helena Hećimović, a member of the City Council said: “The progress has been excellent. The network of over 80km worth of cycling tracks and pedestrian pathways are being permanently increased, while all road reconstruction follows local regulation that ensures complete accessibility and reduction of all physical barriers, as well as illumination by energy-efficient lightning. This makes Koprivnica a mobility champion both locally and internationally.”When asked why Koprivnica chose to join the CIVITAS Forum Network, Hećimović replied: “We just understood there was urgent need to improve our sustainability in this area and the subsequent results proved us right. But, as we worked independently, we felt the need to compare our results to similar cities and plan our future development in compliance with European practice. We immediately identified the CIVITAS Network and the measures its cities undertake as a viable source of inspiration. The network offers us a means to improvement and to connecting to cities with similar challenges and opportunities.” The CIVITAS Network includes 171 members, with the most recent additions being Enschede (The Netherlands), San Benedetto and Giulianova (both Italy) as well as Cardiff (UK). When an elected politician of a city signs the CIVITAS Declaration, s/he declares strong political willingness to work towards implementing sustainable urban transport measures, technologies and infrastructures. These initiatives are being continuously detailed on the respective pages of the CIVITAS Forum Network members, which can be accessed here.

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