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The CIVITAS slide show is an excellent way of gleaning essential information about the CIVITAS Initiative. It has been recently updated, and can be downloaded from this website.

The recently updated CIVITAS slide show presents information on the Initiative in general, its current phase CIVITAS Plus, the CIVITAS Forum and other means of exchanging ideas and experiences, as well as major policy developments within the EU. This information has been updated to reflect changes, for example in the number of cities participating in the Forum network, as well as new developments, such as the creation of the CIVINET National Networks or the announcement of the CIVITAS Plus II call for proposals.The slide show now also presents a greater number of achievements and success stories from participating CIVITAS cities. These examples help illustrate the great work and very real improvements cities have been making through the measures they have implemented. New slides present Burgos’ access restrictions in the city centre, Aalborg’s city bike scheme, Craiova’s tram retrofits, and Brighton & Hove’s commuter travel plans, among others.The slide show is available to download in the Download Centre area of the website.

Author: CIVITAS Secretariat
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