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In order to increase the patronage of local transport, LTC staff established a route plan with eight routes of which four have been declared Eco-routes and only buses equipped with EURO 3 engines will operate on those routes. One of the routes is the subject of more radical provisions as in the future cars will be prohibited, creating a pedestrianised area.

The buses operate a pre-established viable timetable, appropriate to the number of passengers and their travel needs. Information on PT is transmitted through boards with maps and routes, displayed in all 37 bus stations and inside buses. This together with the distribution of leaflets containing basic information has led to a steady increase in the total number of passengers. The new public transport system is designed to be more attractive and the new bus drivers have been trained and now have eco-driving skills. Their training included technical information regarding the buses as well as good driving behaviour and good customer service. Drivers are now partially responsible for good patronage of buses and their performance is continually monitored. A traffic study was carried out and identified the possibility of providing lanes exclusively for buses as well as special priority at traffic lights at intersections The traffic study reveals other possibilities to create adjacent roads and new parking facilities and, at the same time, intersections are being modernised and are being equipped with traffic lights that will operate in the future in a “green way” system. A new ticketing system has been tested in collaboration with the local partner GEC Bucovina, which has the patent for such a system. This new integrated ticketing system will simplify the process. In this way, passengers’ needs will be better and promptly served if they acknowledge the new PT plan.

Author: Narciza Nenec


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