How MEISTER is analysing the market for e-mobilty uptake

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As part of the project, business models are being analysed, developed and tested in the three MEISTER pilot sites of Berlin (Germany), Malaga (Spain) and Stockholm (Sweden).

This analysis will lead to the creation 10 comprehensive business cases – three each in Berlin and Stockholm and four business cases in Malaga.

These will support a wide variety of initiatives, such as smart park & charge infrastructure, incorporating e-car sharing into municipal fleets, municipal smart charging infrastructure, and delivering home care services with electric vehicles.

During its first year, MEISTER worked through an initial stage of the business case development process; this involved strategically outlining the business cases.

This step is essential for creating consensus in the various cities and helps ensure that models are tested that satisfy both public and private stakeholders. This is done by analysing the cities’ unique contexts, relevant actors, national and local policies and strategies, and technological and investment alternatives. In turn, this feeds into the management of business models and tools developed by the project.

Before committing to developing business cases for specific initiatives, the cities explored a number of potential options and assessed their abilities to meet their objectives and service requirements.

The recommendations made at this stage will be examined in the next phase of the project, in which next steps will be identified that optimise the value for money that each business case can provide.

Find out more on what MEISTER is seeking to achieve here and read and subscribe to the project newsletter now. Watch its introduction video here.


Author: Richard Adams

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