Ghent changes parking policy at main station

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The City of Gent is busy making changes and has changed its parking policy around the main station following the opening of brand new underground parking at the station. Long-term parking on public roads will be prohibited and car drivers can buy a half day ticket for a maximum of five hours.

This change in parking policy will provide more open parking spaces for inhabitants and customers of the local shops. The ongoing building and traffic works in and around the main railway station hinders many locals and shop owners. In addition the fact that parking places are reduced is inconvenient for the inhabitants. A large underground parking area near the station opened its doors in December 2010 and the Gent City Council immediately decided to take some action to discourage long term parking in the streets surrounding the station.This new policy will provide more free parking spaces for inhabitants and clients of the local shops. People who want to park for a longer period will be directed to the new underground parking or even to the P+R, two kilometres farther down. From there, people can take the tram towards the station of the city centre. This action is part of a CIVITAS measure that envisages introducing new parking policies for the City of Gent.

Author: Jan Gheldof


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