Getting carpooled in Zagreb

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As part of CIVITAS ELAN activities Zagreb Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences recently introduced a web application that offers its users the possibility of connecting with other users and arranging carpooling schemes that suit their needs.

Up untill now citizens of Zagreb were using the system based on personal acquaintances and often without actually sharing the costs of the carpool. The idea behind the web application named Autozasve® (Car-for-all) was to create a unique and recognizable system that citizens of Zagreb will actually use. Also, this system could be considerable contribution to reducing congestion in Zagreb. The carpooling system has also proven to be better for the environment and helps to reduce noise pollution. Another advantage is the notable decrease in traffic accidents. Web application Autozasve® is not only meant for individual users though. Companies can also use it when creating travel plans for their employees. Web application:

Author: Ivan Grgurević



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