Flemish Trammelant bus replicated in other cities

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The Trammelant project, which uses an anti-vandalism bus, is being introduced in four other Flemish provinces. Because the campaign in East Flanders was so succesfull, Public Transport Company De Lijn decided to implement the awareness campaign in Limburg, Brabant, West Flanders and Flemish Brabant.

The success is due to an ambitious CIVITAS measure, wherein the whole existing project was revitalised. Four other branded Trammelant buses are now visiting schools throughout Flanders. What is Trammelant?The Dutch word ‘Trammelant’ means hassle, fuss, trouble making. Pupils in technical and vocational school are made aware in a playful and interactive way of how to respect the equipment of the bus. They can make graffiti, but afterwards they have to clean it off. The \'Trammelant\' quiz teaches them how much it costs to repair damages, e.g. how much does it cost to remove graffiti or chewing gum of replace a broken window. Pupils are invited to visit the Public Transport depot and afterwards the Trammelant bus is coming to visit the school. The exercise ends with a spectacular evacuation exercise with heavy smoke simulation.The main driver of success is the personal approach. Drivers and controllers of the bus get to know the pupils and vice versa. Due to this personal approach, De Lijn hopes to create more mutual respect between the young passengers and the driver.Evaluation to be expected soonThe evaluation of the Trammelant project is currently being carried out. Within a few weeks the actual results will be published.

Author: Tim Surmont



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