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CIVITAS ELAN has published the scientific results of the project in a 372-page handbook. The full title of the booklet is: “Rethinking everyday mobility – Results and lessons learned from the CIVITAS ELAN project”.

The first part of the book includes texts dealing with the social circumstances of changing urban mobility and consequently with changing urban traffic systems and traffic policies. The second part presents some of the most successful methodological solutions that were used to analyse the changing and ever new forms of mobility. In the more extensive third part new techniques, technologies, solutions, approaches and products are presented, which contribute to more efficient and environmentally friendly city traffic. The book concludes with the reflections of the project’s scientific coordinator about the cooperation in the RTD part of the project. It contains proposals, which shall contribute to a better understanding of the project’s achievements and stimulate further discussions on the objectives of the CIVITAS Initiative. The book features the following 16 scientific articles: CIVITAS or the legitimation of the city mobility changes   Contextual mobility and the new “mobility paradigm”: the nature of travel mode choices reconsidered Public perception of changes in Ljubljana’s transport and mobility system – identifying key themes, barriers and relevant stakeholders I want to ride my bicycle ... But how bikeable is my neighbourhood? Cycling in the capital of a new member state: exploiting the untapped potential of biking to work in Ljubljana MaxSUMO: a new approach to the evaluation of mobility management projects Defining quantitative impacts of the PT priority system and comparing different data collection methods Identification of risks regarding the introduction of measures aimed at improving citizen mobility in the city of Zagreb Transport planning: public transport user satisfaction as a top priority in Brno Application of simulation models for impact evaluation in urban road networks Spatial prediction of air quality in an urban sensitive area: a seasonal overview Composite material-based light weight bus On the attractiveness of using pure plant oil as fuel for vehicle propulsion A discussion about the different modal split methodologies used in CIVITAS ELAN The perplexity of actants: self-evaluation of the scientific coordination of the CIVITAS ELAN project Some sociological considerations on urban change and sustainable mobility   The publication is available for download here.

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