Evaluation Report on the CIVITAS Forum 2007 is now available!

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The Evaluation Report on the CIVITAS Forum 2007 is now available. The report is well facilitated and contains the pioneering outcomes of the CIVITAS Forum - like several speeches, abstracts of the workshops and roundtables as well as the European Commission Information Session and the new Green paper on urban mobility “Towards a new culture for urban mobility”.

Hosted by the city of Kaunas (Lithuania) from 3 to 5 October, the CIVITAS Forum 2007 was attended by some 260 representatives from local and regional authorities as well as by Mr. Andrius Kupčinskas, Mayor of Kaunas and Mr. Jacques Barrot, Vice-President of the European Commission and Commissioner for Transport. After the publication of the Green Paper ‘Towards a new culture for urban mobility’ in September 2007, the CIVITAS Forum 2007 was a perfect occasion for the European Commission to inform all institutional actors about the content of this new publication and the planning for the development of the upcoming Action Plan. 'Putting Cities and Citizens in the Driving seat” was the general framework that accompanied the various plenary sessions, roundtables and workshop sessions. These sessions were articulated around important transport themes from all over Europe and beyond, and gave the cities and stakeholders the possibility to exchange their views on concrete transport issues such as energy savings in urban transport or road space reallocation measures.This document briefly reports on the main outcomes of the 2007 CIVITAS Forum, presenting the most significant moments of the event:The European Commission Information Session;The First Plenary Session & the Parallel Workshops and Roundtables;The Special Forum for Politicians;The Final Plenary Session;The 2007 CIVITAS Awards.Additionally, the document presents an overview of the impressions gathered by participants by providing an analysis of delegate feedbacks and annexes: Analysis of Delegate Feedback;Annexes. Please click here for downloadThe Evaluation Report on the CIVITAS Forum 2007

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