EEA report examines sustainability of first- and last-mile transport solutions

Transport and environment report

This year’s transport and environment report from the European Energy Agency (EEA) examines how sustainable first- and last-mile transport options, such as scooters, bicycles, and other modes suitable for short distances can change urban mobility systems.

Short start or end journeys constitute a crucial part of most daily commutes. Whilst bus, rail and metro services often cover the main part of trips to and from work, people still need to find their ways to and from the nearest station or stop. Better first-mile, last-mile or only-mile journeys have the potential to reduce down car use, bringing down congestion, emissions and improving air quality.

Its main conclusion is that walking, cycling and public transport in cities remain greener mobility choices than newer electric scooters or car-sharing options. Getting more people walking, hopping on a bike or taking public transport using is crucial if Europe is serious about reaching the long-term sustainability goals and policy objectives set out under the recent European Green Deal.

The report also assesses how innovative urban freight and inner city delivery services, including the use of delivery drones, can make urban freight transport more sustainable.

Alongside this, the EEA has released a briefing tracking the short- and long-term environmental performance of the transport sector in the EU. It found that increasing transport emissions are hampering EU progress towards environment and climate objectives.

Find more information on and download both reports here.

Author: Richard Adams

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