DG TREN - 6FP: Fourth call for proposals is now open

CIVITAS Initiative

On 8th July 2005 Directorate General for Energy and Transport has published its fourth and last call for proposals in the 6th Framework Programme for Research, Technology Development and Demonstration.This call includes RTD activities in the Thematic Priorities 'Aeronautics and Space', 'Sustainable Energy Systems' and 'Sustainable Surface Transport' and has an indicative budget of in total 214M€.The closing dates of this call will be:4 November 2005 for ‘Aeronautics and Space’ and22 December 2005 for ‘Sustainable Energy Systems’ and ‘Sustainable Surface Transport’.

In the framework of this open call for proposals, DG TREN is planning to hold an Information Day on 21 September 2005 in Brussels (date to be confirmed). The aim of this event, which will also be transmitted via Internet, is to inform potential applicants about the open RTD areas in this call and to clarify possible questions on e.g. scope, structure, content, evaluation criteria and procedures. For further information on this call for proposal please visit: Call for proposalsFP6-2005-TREN-4-Aeronautics and SpaceFP6-2005-TREN-4 Sustainable Energy Systems and Sustainable Surface Transport




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