Demand Responsive Public Transport in Monza

This summer, Monza tested demand-responsive public transport during the “Sagra di San Giovanni” an annual  event of many concerts and shows that lasts for a month.

Within the ARCHIMEDES measures in Monza, one is aimed at experimenting and implementing a demand-responsive service within the city using smaller vehicles to transport passengers. The main objective of this measure is to connect peripheral and poorly served areas to the centre and the public transport network to ensure an adequate response to the mobility needs of citizens and to encourage a modal shift. The demand-responsive public transport service tested this summer was for free. People only had to book the bus a little in advance to be taken from the peripheral area of San Fruttuoso to the locations of the events. This initiative was particularly welcomed for the fireworks in the Park of Monza. The service transported 82 passengers on this occassion. The city initially wanted to repeat the trial in September for bigger events such as for the activities taking place around the Grand Prix of Monza (e.g. concerts, shows, etc.). However, the bus fleet will be needed for the Gran Prix itself, an event that always poses a challenge or Monza’s mobility management. In fact, part of the city will be closed to traffic and people from all over the world will be encouraged to reach Monza by bus or by train, and special and free shuttle buses will take people from the train station and the Park and Ride locations directly to the circuit. Moreover, the week after the Grand Prix, citizens will be invited to participate in  several initiatives planned by the municipality together with local associations, public libraries, etc. for this year's edition of the European Mobility Week. The activities aim to raise awareness among citizens about alternative and clean modes of transport and a responsible and healthy lifestyle.

Author: Guelpa Valentina



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