Curitiba delegation visits Perugia

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On 27 May, a delegation from the City of Curitiba (Brazil), known throughout the world for its efficient and integrated transport system, visited the Municipality of Perugia, the co-ordinator of the RENAISSANCE project, and APM, the public transport operator.

The Curitiba delegates wanted to learn about the success of the city in implementing its programme of sustainable urban transport measures, including the advanced Mini-Metro solution, public transport integration and clean vehicle fleets, info-mobility and traffic management strategies and city centre demand management measures. During the visit, the Curitiba delegates had a demonstration of the RENAISSANCE project, with a special focus on the measures that promote a strong technology innovation such as the road safety and security traffic control/monitoring system), the innovative city logistic and alternative innovative urban goods distribution system - PIPENET and the setting-up of the traffic monitoring control centre.The visit consolidates the good working links that have been established between Perugia RENAISSANCE partners and their Brazilian counterparts. The link will be strengthened and provide an excellent channel both for the exploitation of RENAISSANCE in Brazilian cities, and for the importation of well-known best practice in public transport in Curitiba into CIVITAS.

Author: Maciej Wiórek


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