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The MODERN project is almost complete and most of the measures applied in Craiova are in operation. Therefore, it is time to ask ourselves how to build upon this great experience.

In the past three years, the MODERN project has confirmed to be a big opportunity for Craiova. It has supported the implementation of a set of measures which have driven a more sustainable development approach for the city. Participation in Civitas requires considerable financial and human resources. The municipality of Craiova and its partners are determined to build on the efforts to up-scale the actions and give them a wider scale. The mission of the MODERN project is "to increase the overall quality of life in the cities through the reduction of pollution generated by transport". This goal cannot be dropped once the project comes to an end and Craiova is already thinking about the next steps. At the local level, the measures related to mobility management an the quality of transport are part of the Integrated Urban Development Plan of Craiova which contains a package of projects that aims to develop the city in multiple directions. It includes the public transport system, urban mobility and transport infrastructure. Morevover, the Municipality recently approved the investment plan for 2012 that includes six projects, which could be considered an up-scaling of the MODERN innovative measures in the transition process towards a sustainable urban transport system. An important factor to support the up-scaling of the MODERN project in Craiova, is the combination of principles and policies in the direction of sustainability and local financial resources that allow for the transformation of the pilot results into large scale projects even in a difficult economic context. Therefore, we are happy to say that we have all the ingredients to continue the great experience that is the MODERN project.

Author: Matei Virginia



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