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The Energy and Transport Directorate-General regularly produces documentary videos illustrating and explaining EU initiatives. The video on Cleaner and better transport for Europe produced by DG TREN is now available on line.

Traffic jams, pollution, waste of time and energy - numerous cities are faced with problems such as harmful emissions and lack of efficient mobility for users.There is no one magic formula to solve this. Solutions integrate technological advances such as hydrogen and biofuel powered buses with transport policy measures such as traffic management, an example being the restricted access to the centre of London.Cities are a buzz of activity. Apart from its financial support for sustainable mobility initiatives taken by cities, the European Union works in partnership with them, particularly through the CIVITAS network, in order to stimulate the exchange of know-how and experience.Length: approx. 15'Date of production: September 2006The video is available on line at Publications, Videos & Mémos of the Directorate-General Energy and Transport. It will soon be available for downloading from the same website. The video is also available via the CIVITAS website.
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