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After a successful year in 2006 for the CIVITAS Initiative, the CIVITAS website is continually growing and improving. 4 Mio user requests prove a successful track record! In order to satisfy the wishes of the CIVITAS community and all users of this website, the main parts of the CIVITAS website have been translated into French, Spanish and Romanian and in the near future further languages will be included. More than 300 measures can be found on the website and many of these are translated into the previously mentioned languages.

The CIVITAS website contains information about CIVITAS-related news and events. It provides an overview of all CIVITAS projects, CIVITAS cities and maintains the contact details of over 300 people working within the CIVITAS Initiative. In addition, you may access in-depth knowledge of more than 300 innovative showcases from the CIVITAS demonstration cities. Visit the CIVITAS website and search for prime examples of innovative working programmes currently being undertaken in cities. If any of the ideas are appropriate for your city you may then contact the relevant person responsible for this measure.To identify the CIVITAS Initiative as a programme co-financed by the European Union and to identify it as a Europe-wide network, in the summer of 2006 the address of the CIVITAS website changed from into previously mentioned, the CIVITAS website is expanding daily and the number of users has continuously increased since its re-launch in July 2005. Starting with about 84 000 requests in July it has already crossed the threshold of 100 000 in October 2005. In the summer of 2006 there were more than 250 000 requests and in the autumn of 2006 more than 300 000 requests per month were counted and it is expected that even this high number will be boosted. It is now anticipated that the CIVITAS website will attain the 4 000 000th request by the end of December 2006 since it’s re-launch in July 2005!The news section of the CIVITAS website is used by various participants within the CIVITAS Initiative. On the basis of the excellent commitment of all project and local dissemination managers from the 4 CIVITAS II projects more than 70 CIVITAS-related news items and more than 20 CIVITAS-related events were published on the CIVITAS website between July 2005 and December 2006!
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This website is produced as part of CIVITAS ELEVATE Coordination and Support Action funded by the European Union Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 824228. © Copyright 2021 CIVITAS Initiative. All rights reserved.

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