CIVITAS training on Mobility Management for company travel planning

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On 20 May 2015, CIVITAS CAPITAL is organising a training session on Mobility Management for Company Travel Planning. Like its predecessors, this training will include a blend of theory, practical tools and exercises designed to provide urban transport professionals with new ideas and solutions that you can apply to individual initiatives. The aim of these trainings is to support CIVITAS cities and other cities interested in sustainable transport solutions.

This training on Mobility Management for Company travel planning equips the participants with a thorough understanding of Mobility Management as a cost-efficient method to promote sustainable urban transport. It will treat the process of company travel planning in all its aspects and look into possible challenges encountered in its implementation. During the training, participants will examine local challenges from other participants and contribute to group discussion and interactive exercise sessions. The aim of this training is to share best-practices and to provide participants with the necessary theory and real-life examples that will address knowledge gaps and enhance relevant skills.

For further information about the training, please click here.

Author: Sarah Martens and Fred Dotter

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