CIVITAS Spotlight: Annual Update 2024

Annual update

The CIVITAS Coordinator, Andreas Piller (ICLEI Europe) presents the annual CIVITAS update, covering a review of the past year. Additionally, Gonzalo Pena (DTV), Arianna Americo (EUROCITIES), Fred Dotter (Mobiel 21), Sofia Pechin (TRT Trasporti e Territorio), Kateřina Kührová (EUROCITIES), Ekaterina Uzunova (Breda University of Applied Sciences), Ana Aleixo (INOVA+) and Rafael Afonso (EIT Urban Mobility) promote some of the up-coming activities and opportunities to look forward to.

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Andreas Piller: As with any CIVITAS project, the first year of the current CSA has been one of preparation, of gathering knowledge, of developing activities and developing activities to catalyse the delivery of sustainable urban mobility. We've been asking questions like: What knowledge and skills are needed in the European urban mobility labour market, now and in the future? What resources and services do members of our network find most valuable? How can we provide even more support to local practitioners, our CIVITAS National Networks, mobility solutions providers and more? Engagement members of the CIVITAS Community may have participated in some of these surveys or interviews or in other foundational efforts such as the formation of five Thematic Clusters to support the nearly 20 on-going CIVITAS projects.

You could say we are entering a deployment phase and we h ave lots of great opportunities for you to engage, to learn, to share, to inspired and be inspired. From some of the people behind CIVITAS, here's a look at what is coming up:

Gonzalo Pena: Over the up-coming years we'll be offering multiple thematic Deep Dives and summer courses. From themes across behavioural change, active modes, scenario-building and mobility as a service, we invite you to register and take advantage of these oppotunities.

Arianna Americo: We have selected six CIVITAS Challenge Cities to work on concrete mobility challenges. To help them out we have 12 Champion Cities that will travel to these six locations in the coming 12 months. It is going to be a great journey. Next year in January we will launch the second call.

Fred Dotter: We invite private and semi-public entities from the Ukraine to answer the call to establish a CIVINET secretariat in the Ukraine. Please feel free to answer the call by 10 June and check the CIVITAS website for further information.

Sofia Pechin: We are supporting CIVITAS projects to conduct their process and impact evaluations. We are developing an online interactive tool that provides a common approach to all CIVITAS projects, ensures comparability among them and helps evaluate to make more informed decisions.

Kateřina Kührová & Ekaterina Uzunova: CIVITAS is creating opportunities for young people to learn, exchanges and connect on the European level through the mobility powered by the youth initiative. Soon a call for youth participants will be launched on our webpage so stay tuned for that. We look forward to welcoming your fresh perspectives and ideas during the CIVITAS Forum in Parma.

Ana Aleixo: This year it's all about family. We are thrilled to announce that we will have the CIVITAS Forum back. Join us in Parma from 1-3 October for the mobility renaissance!Looking forward to see you there.

Rafael Afonso: At CIVITAS, we are making sure that the learnings and developments of CIVITAS projects have continuity. We are working towards increasing the market uptake of CIVITAS solutions, for disseminating their work at events in Europe. Of course we'll be at the CIVITAS Forum. Join us at the AGORA stage!


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