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CIVITAS PROSPERITY's SUMP Ambassadors Speak Out!

Author: Fred DOTTER
Posted on: Thursday, January 11, 2018 - 10:49

Sharing opinions and connecting with others is important, as it helps to offer support to local and national authorities to improve the quality and uptake of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs).

CIVITAS PROSPERITY’s approach is to focus its support on connecting, rather than collecting. Hence the project is utilising SUMP Ambassadors; the Ambassadors are enthusiastic SUMP advocates who are willing to share their interesting stories and lessons learnt from their personal experiences with SUMPs.

Our SUMP Ambassadors engage with the people, because they have something interesting to say. They do not only share their personal view on what they like most in their own city, but help to understand why their respective SUMPs came to be, how they work, and what their main focuses are. Regardless of how good a SUMP is, nobody can learn from it if they are not aware of it.

Our SUMP Ambassadors have a reason to talk, and they seek to equip others with knowledge on a variety of key topics, such as how to work with parties opposed to SUMPs and organise the public participation process.

Our SUMP Ambassadors help to empower other cities that are willing to improve the quality of and foster support for their SUMPs. They offer clear reasons on why SUMPs are so important, and motivate others to take the next step as well. They also provide insight on the driving forces and barriers to developing SUMPs, and what their role was and is during SUMP development.

The first interviews are now online on the CIVITAS PROSPERITY website, and more are to come later!

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