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Two reports summarising key facts and figures from the CIVITAS Forum Conference held in Krakow, Poland, in November 2009 are now available. The reports contain an analysis of participants and media coverage and observations, as well as recommendations for the 2010 Forum in Malmö.

The first, which is made available online, serves as the conference “proceedings” and summarises a variety of indicators related to participation and the main discussion points during the conference’s plenary, parallel and Politicians’ Forum sessions.It also provides an overview of the media coverage of the event. The first part is complemented by a second that is a more detailed and critical evaluation on participation and the success of the conference. This includes a summary of participant responses received via questionnaire. Part one of the Forum report illustrates the variety of professions that participants represented. Participants attended the Forum to gather technical information and to identify best practices, as well as to network and make new contacts. The main conclusions of the conference, summarising the outputs of the technical and roundtable sessions, as well as the main outcomes of the Politicians’ Forum are presented. The report concludes by noting the strong interest from the media, and the resulting press coverage.There were 26 news pieces and over 2000 citations or “spin-offs.” Award winners Nantes and Ghent were particularly well-covered. Complementing Part One, the second Forum report goes into greater detail on individual participation (geo-political boundaries’ split of cities represented as well as CIVITAS vs Non-CIVITAS cities).Participant feedback on the roundtable and technical sessions are also included, as well as details on political representative participation by city/country. Further information is also included on the origins of media participation, alongside an inventory of resulting news stories. The report concludes with observations and recommendations for Forum 2010.The reports were prepared by The Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe with the contributions of CIVITAS VANGUARD partners: EUROCITIES, POLIS and communications agency, MOSTRA. To download Part One: Proceedings, please click here.To obtain more details and content and/or a copy of Part Two: Evaluation, please contact the CIVITAS Secretariat:c/o The Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (REC), Ady Endre út 9-11, 2000 Szentendre, Hungary Tel: +(36-26) 504-046 (ext. 313) Fax: +(36-26) 311-294

Author: CIVITAS Secretariat
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