CIVINET Success Story: building capacity of young professionals

Students collaborating at a workshop hosted by CIVINET Croatia

Over the next three years, the CIVINET Slovenia, Croatia and South-East Europe, led by ODRAZ, is providing students with the opportunity to join hands-on, interdisciplinary workshops on urban mobility. These workshops will provide students with knowledge in urban planning and sustainable transport in urban areas, and the opportunity to pitch their innovations to city officials.

These workshops will provide young professionals with an unprecedented opportunity for hands-on education, and to participate in interdisciplinary learning led by mentors from five different areas of expertise. The workshops will convey knowledge and skills in urban planning and sustainable mobility in urban areas, guiding them through critical steps like analysis, planning, decision making, and legislative and planning guidelines.

The emphasis of the workshops lies in spatial planning and traffic management. Students will work in small groups to identify, propose and investigate a topic/challenge. First, groups will be support in two days of topic/challenge analysis, before students will have one week to do public surveys, field and GIS analysis. Lastly, they will finalise proposals for a related public space intervention, to be presented to city officials.

These workshops will take the form of summer school, beginning in 2022, and implemented as a CIVINET activity.

Author: the Network for Sustainable Urban Mobility CIVINET Slovenia-Croatia-SEE

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