Children become MODERN Ambassadors in Craiova!

An educational campaign was launched involving school children and youngsters with the aim to engage them in the new public transport concept and services. More lessons are to come!

The implementation of the CIVITAS MODERN project has brought about many changes in Craiova's public transport system. Now, three years after the project began, most of the measures have been implemented and passengers now enjoy new services and better transport conditions thanks to the new technologies and innovative concepts adopted. Promoting and communicating the improved quality of the public transport service is key at this stage of the project so that citizens become aware, understand and get used to the new services provided. Children and youngster have been identified as a strategic stakheolder group for this. Craiova has therefore initiated a campaign to inform and educate children because they  are receptive and should find it easy to deal with technical changes. The first activity was dedicated to 11-12 year-old school children from elementary school 39 in Craiova. A one-hour interactive multi-media lesson was organised as a "special lesson" during  regular school hours. The main issues presented were: The new electronic ticketing system based on smart cards: The children learned how to use these cards and automatic ticketing machines, how to validate a card and were informed about costs and benefits. The video surveillance system: How does it work? How is data collected and how does it offer added safety for passengers? The digital panels that display the waiting time in stations: The lesson provided detailed explanations concerning the data displayed and how it should be read and understood The educational campaign is also a good opportunity to introduce students to the MODERN partner cities Brescia, Coimbra and Vitoria-Gasteiz. The team presented  pictures and talked about the cities' characteristics and their involvement in the project.  CIVITAS and MODERN promotional materials were distributed such as city postcards, leaflets presenting the measures Craiova has implemented, T-shirts and cards with the MODERN jingle. The kids were nominated as “Ambassadors of the MODERN project in Craiova" and signatures were collected on one of the T-shirts. Have a look at the photo album here or watch the videos to get a peak of the lesson: video 1, video 2.      

Author: Matei Virginia


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