CALL for CIVITAS Activity Fund is OPEN until 16 February 2010!

CIVITAS Initiative

The CIVITAS Initiative provides inspiration to cities and towns interested in achieving a more sustainable, clean and energy efficient urban transport system, by implementing and showcasing ambitious sets of technology and policy based measures. In doing so, CIVITAS does not only fund large demonstrations (i.e. the CIVITAS I, II and PLUS projects) but also smaller projects meant to promote the concrete up-take of the CIVITAS principles and facilitate the building up of critical mass and markets for innovation. Funding opportunities for smaller projects are made available through a dedicated CIVITAS Activity Fund, whose 3rd CALL IS NOW OPEN open until 16 February 2010!

Two main types of activities are eligible for funding in this Call:Preparatory and follow up activities (e.g. Studies, Conferences, Workshops and Seminars)Exchange staff activities: Exchange of expertise and knowledge between the staff of a hosting city (CIVITAS city) and that of an applying city (take-up city)Please proceed to CIVITAS Activity Fund for all necessary documents and further information!
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