Call for a CIVINET Annual Plan 2024 now open

CIVINET Annual Plan 2024

The CIVITAS National Networks (CIVINETs) are invited to answer this call for a CIVINET Annual Plan 2024 for the period February 2024 – December 2024 by Tuesday, 5 December 2023, 17:00 Brussels time.


This call for a CIVINET Annual Plan 2024 supports CIVINETs to

  1. Act as ambassadors of the European mobility policy and convey the EU and EC messages, or translate the EU policy at and for local, regional and national stakeholders.
  2. Collect inputs from their members on the challenges that they face when putting in practice EU urban mobility policy or programmes.
  3. Bridge with the CIVITAS Research and Innovation projects and their results and facilitate the take-up and replication of these project results in the language-based area of the respective CIVINET.

The CIVINET Annual Plan 2024 takes into account the overall vision of a CIVINET and the specific mission for the year to come, including proposed activities in order to reach both. Proposed activities have to take into account all of the following four types:

  1. Capacity building activities: Delivery of capacity building events for mobility practitioners and policymakers from cities, such as the organisation of workshops, seminars or webinars to provide expert advice to members.
  2. Transfer and take-up activities: Organisation of transfer and uptake activities, such as hosting fellow cities for peer-to-peer exchanges on specific measures via site visits, study tours, work placements, feasibility studies etc.
  3. Communication and dissemination activities: Production and distribution of CIVINET dissemination material or the development and maintenance of new or existing communication channels or other activities related to communication.
  4. Other activities: Other activities that do not correspond to one of the three above mentioned types, but would support to fulfill the role of the CIVINET and to reach their vision, such as (re)presentation at third party events, supporting the growth of the CIVITAS Network of Cities or the CIVITAS Educational Network.


The call information and application form can be found on the dedicated Annual Plan webpage.

Find out more on all CIVINETs here.

Author: Fred DOTTER



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