Bringing cleaner fuels to heavy-duty transport in Turku

Heavy duty vehicles in Turku filling their tanks

In 2025, heavy transport will enter a new era. The European Commission has proposed that by then CO2 emissions from new vehicles should be 15% lower than 2019. And, by 2030, these emissions should be at least 30% lower than 2019.

As distances are long in the Nordic countries, it results in a high number of heavy-duty transport. Up to 90% of commercial transport is done by road, with local and national actors causing significant transport emissions.

CIVITAS ECCENTRIC partner city Turku (Finland) is striving to achieve carbon neutrality by 2029 by, among other means, electrifying public transport and expanding the use of biofuels.

Through ECCENTRIC, the City of Turku is cooperating with stakeholders like Gasum Ltd to promote the use of biogas for heavy-duty freight vehicles and evidence its benefits for the environment.

Converting heavy-duty vehicles to use liquefied natural gas (LNG) or liquefied biogas (LBG)  cuts carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, particulate and noise emissions from transport significantly. Based on life cycle analysis, using LNG reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 20% and LBG by up to 85% when compared with diesel.

Indeed, LNG/LBG-powered vehicles provide the same performance and driving comfort as diesel models. With one refuelling, an LNG/LBG-powered vehicle can run up to 1,600 km.

Thanks in part to CIVITAS ECCENTRIC, Finland’s first filling station for cars, commercial vehicles and heavy-duty road vehicles opened in Turku in 2016. Located near Turku’s port, it offers LNG and biogas.

Gasum has invested in two LBG trucks. One runs a 16km route between the Turku Waste Water Treatment Plant and Gasum’s biogas production plant five to six times daily, five days a week, transporting sludge that is processed into biogas. The other delivers nutrient residue from the biogas plant to local farmers. The trucks are refilled at the local public biogas filling station.

Through CIVITAS ECCENTRIC, Turku also cooperates with FREJA Transport & Logistics. Their LBG trucks’ operating radius is nearly 1,000km; the constantly expanding network of filling stations makes refueling along the route easy and helps cut transport emissions considerably.

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Image credit: Gasum

Author: Esther Kreutz


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