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Become a member of the CIVITAS Political Advisory Committee and influence the European transport policy agenda. The Secretariat of the CIVITAS Initiative’s Political Advisory Committee (PAC) hereby invites Expressions of Interest from high-ranking political representatives within European cities who wish to contribute to the work of the PAC. 

As member, you will serve a two year mandate through which you will meet semi-annually to share experience in the implementation of sustainable urban transport policy, as well as interact with the European Commission. The PAC is constituted by between ten and fifteen leading and highly motivated politicians who function in one of Europe’s CIVITAS Declaration signatory cities. Through the PAC you will have the opportunity to influence the European transport policy agenda and exchange experience and know-how in the implementation of sustainable transport measures. PAC members participate within their personal capacity and not as formally nominated representatives of their local administration. To apply for a two year membership term, please submit an Expression of Interest that indicates your name and city, and in not more than 500 words your qualification, experience, reasons for applying and vision for the coming two years as PAC member. Please also submit a photograph of a sufficient resolution for uploading to the PAC members’ webpage here in case you are invited to become a member. At the same time, the Secretariat invites expressions of interest for the positions of Chair and Vice-chair. Please do this by attaching a Statement of Motivation indicating what you envision to be the PAC’s agenda over the coming 24 months, besides your relevant chairing experience. Prior participation within the PAC is preferred. Expressions of interest should be submitted via e-mail to: pac [at] civitas [dot] eu no later than June 28th, 2013. “EoI for PAC Membership” should be placed within the subject of the message. The European Commission will select members, based on general criteria of representativeness and a candidate’s proven track record in proactively promoting policies in line with CIVITAS objectives. An announcement regarding the results of the selection process will be made during July. The Chair and Vice-chair will be selected by ballot of the PAC members, during its first meeting on the afternoon of September 30th, 2013, in Brest, France, on the occasion of the CIVITAS Forum’s Annual Conference. Those wishing to be considered for these position(s) should be prepared to briefly introduce his/her vision for the forthcoming 24 months at this event. The successful candidate(s) will then be expected to take over their responsibilities with immediate effect, i.e. hosting the first meeting of the new PAC on October 17th, for which a full agenda is envisaged. Meetings not held in the margins of the Forum will be hosted in PAC member’s home cities, starting with Graz in spring 2014. More information on CIVITAS and the PAC’s role is available online. Its mission and modus operandi is available upon request from the PAC secretariat, at the e-mail address given above. We look forward to receiving your expression of interest! Yours sincerely, The PAC Secretariat c/o The Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (REC), Ady Endre út 9-11, 2000 Szentendre, Hungary Tel: +(36-26) 504-000 Fax: +(36-26) 311-294

Author: PAC Secretariat
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