A neighbourhood in Budapest co-creates mobility solutions with its citizens

Gergely Karacsony SUNRISE video still

Törökör is situated in Zugló, one of the 23 districts of Budapest (Hungary). In this neighbourhood, there are several mobility challenges affecting all residents including vulnerable people with physical impairments.

Residents of the Törökörneighbourhood have been involved throughout the entire co-creation process, which included more than 700 individual feedback items from local citizens, as well as workshops, focus groups, on-site discussions which helped to tackle current challenges linked to congestion, air and noise pollution, public transport system coverage, parking and pedestrianization.

Using a co-creation approach, several measures have been put in place to transform the neighbourhood into a more livable place for everyone, with more space for walking and cycling and less traffic. The co-creation process took place in various formats, both through online and offline communication campaigns.

Check out this freshly released video to see what Budapest’s mayor, GergelyKarácsony, as well citizens and stakeholders, had to say about this participatory planning endeavor.

To learn more about the project, visit: www.civitas-sunrise.eu

To learn more about Budapest’s involvement in SUNRISE, visit its dedicated page on this link.



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