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The installation of an efficient signal control system was identified as a way of improving bus speeds and prioritising public transport in Prague.

Implementing sustainable mobility

The measure was implemented as part of the city’s efforts to create a modal shift from the private car towards public transportation, with an emphasis on improving the bus services in the city.

Active detection systems make it possible to give priority to buses at intersections, based on radio communication between the vehicle and the signal timing control. An infrared beam located before the intersection is used to identify vehicle location.

The innovative priority system is linked to the schedules of particular lines, making it possible to identify the precise location of each vehicle and compare it to the scheduled location. Based on the time difference, it is possible to allocate an appropriate level of priority on a case-by-case basis, only to those vehicles that need it.  


Following an agreement between the partners involved, two specific traffic lights were chosen as a pilot study for measure implementation. Vehicles were then equipped with the mobile part of the system. The final stage comprised the design of the traffic management system and the subsequent adaptation and completion of the signal timing system.



Based on the good results achieved by the measure at the first seven intersections (two within CIVITAS TRENDSETTER and five more in 2004), it was decided to upscale the measure to additional junctions.

After system validation, measurements were carried out to identify saved by buses passing through the intersections. In connection with linking the system to bus schedules, there was a certain drop in time savings resulting from the fact that priority was allocated to selected vehicles only.

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