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This measure was designed to encourage tourists and visitors to the city to make more sustainable travel choices.

Implementing sustainable mobility

The main objective of the measure was to draw up a comprehensive mobility plan for the exhibition area of Genoa in order to improve accessibility and reduce the previously high volumes of traffic. The measure focused mainly on parking management, traffic flow schemes, ticket integration, pedestrian routes, public transportation and integrated information.

The measure comprised:

  • research activities aimed at developing a mobility survey of the pilot area in order to identify the most suitable mobility plan;
  • demonstration activities for testing the chosen mobility management initiatives; and
  • evaluation and dissemination of the achieved results.


During the International Boat Show of 2005, a mobility survey was carried out in the course of which 1,000 visitors were interviewed. An additional 1,000 interviews were conducted by phone, 750 to residents of the trade fair area and 250 to owners of commercial activities. The additional transport demand arising from the boat show was evaluated on the basis of the mobility survey and traffic flow analyses carried out during the event.

In April 2006, the municipality of Genoa produced a brochure on the occasion of the Euroflora International Botanic Exhibition, describing transportation and parking facilities. Information displays were also installed in the main railway stations.

For the International Boat Show in 2006 and 2007, in addition to the installations in railway stations, display panels were set up to provide information on accessing the event, including the best options for those with reduced mobility. A car-pooling service was also tested.


The measure achieved:

  • a reduction of 20 percent in the amount of car traffic caused by trade fairs;
  • a reduction in the negative impacts of traffic; and
  • a reduction in the average length of fair-related trips.

In general, the measure helped to:

  • improve the accessibility of the exhibition area, as confirmed by 40 percent of visitors; and
  • minimise disadvantages to the citizens of Genoa.

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