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In order to encourage public participation and improve information exchange, the Mobility Forum was established as a permanent institution with a high political profile devoted to the dissemination of the CARAVEL initiatives in Genoa.

Implementing sustainable mobility

Ever-increasing traffic congestion compelled the public administration to devise and experiment with new mobility control methodologies aimed at reducing pollution and improving air quality. In view of the fact that their intended effects are to restrict and/or deter private traffic, these measures are frequently unpopular among citizens who are insufficiently aware of public transport alternatives and the strong environmental impact of their traditional mobility behaviour.

The Mobility Forum in Genoa has all the resources required to plan, organise and promote new measures and innovative transport behaviour. It organises conferences, seminars and workshops and supports the adoption of the CIVITAS measures. The forum, which is situated in the Palazzo Ducale, is open to all citizens and also offers an e-consultation tool, encouraging an interactive approach to addressing urban mobility issues. A mobile service has also been established in the form of the CARAVEL Infomobility Bus, a promotional tool present in the city areas in which CIVITAS measures are implemented.

The specific aims of the measure were to:

  • improve information and communication with citizens and all mobility stakeholders in relation to mobility planning activities in Genoa;
  • involve the public in the decision-making process of mobility policy strategies at an early stage;
  • seek partnerships with different stakeholders in the transport system, such as shopkeepers and residential and commercial land developers, etc.; and
  • create a platform for the effective exchange of mobility-related information.


The web-based e-consultation tool (on-line Mobility Forum) has been in operation since April 2006, allowing mobility stakeholders to their exchange views. A Mobility Forum telephone line has also been set up in order to provide information on new transport services.

With the collaboration of AMT, who made available an IVECO hybrid bus, and with the collaboration of the Mobility Agency of Genoa, a mobile office was established providing information on the various measures under the CIVITAS initiative and promoting sustainable mobility among citizens, tourists and transport users. In June 2008, the municipality also opened the MOBI transport information office in the city centre.


  • Awareness of public transport services was raised among Genoa citizens.
  • Citizens became more aware of general mobility and transport issues, and of the importance of their travel choices in reducing negative environmental impacts.
  • Citizens became more interested in project activities and measure implementation (car sharing, Infomobility platform etc).
  • Politicians were satisfied with the continued high-level political support to the initiative.
  • The Mobility Forum gained acceptability and created a good public image.



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