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Information systems in Preston were strengthened to provide better quality information in a variety of map-based formats.

Implementing sustainable mobility

Enhanced user information is one of the CIVITAS SUCCESS priorities. The local authority in Preston developed a transport portal to highlight all sustainable transport opportunities in the area.  The main objectives are to strengthen the services that information systems provide to users, improve the quality of travel information, increase the use of public transport, and reduce traffic congestion. The measure also focused on making better use of variable message signs for citywide network information and route choice advice. 


As an initial step, a review of transport and travel web information was completed.  A fully integrated website that provides information about private and public transport networks was developed, using real-time information to improve traffic flows, car parking distribution and passenger flows. 


Eight out of 10 people surveyed found the MARIO (mapping and travel information) website easy to use. For the majority of information topics, respondents felt that GIS-based information was the most useful. Feedback from respondents encouraged the development of the strategy to add more website content.


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