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The concept of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) claims to offer a personal mobility package based on lifestyle needs and delivered through a single interface and subscription.

The CIVITAS SATELLITE initiative brings you in this webinar examples of CIVITAS cities that have seen an opportunity on this trend and have worked on its implementation within their projects.

ECCENTRIC partners have developed the MaaS readiness indicators to ensure that all possible aspects of the current situation are taken into consideration before the local environment is ready for MaaS.

ECCENTRIC cities Turku and Madrid present the guidelines and their local approach to MaaS while PORTIS city Antwerp present their Mobility Marketplace and their MaaS approach focused on encouraging Public-Private cooperation.

This webinar is moderated by Ivo Cré. Featured speakers include: Stijn Vernaillen (Antwerp) Nuria Caballero (Madrid) Stella Aaltonen (Turku) The webinar is a Polis initiative in cooperation with CIVITAS SATELLITE, CIVITAS ECCENTRIC and CIVITAS PORTIS.

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Associated project: ECCENTRIC, PORTIS

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