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CIVITAS Forum 2019

02/10/2019 to 04/10/2019

The CIVITAS Forum 2019 is over!

What a glorious three days in Graz for the CIVITAS Forum 2019. In the end, 650 participants from 45 countries took part. They enjoyed 30 parallel sesssions in which 150 presentations were held. Attendees could also visit an exhibition area with 40 exhibitors and enjoy 11 site visits.

Photos from the event can be found on the CIVITAS Flickr page and presentations can be seen here. The Forum report is now also available to read.

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The key details

The CIVITAS Forum 2019 was held in Graz, Austria, from 2-4 October 2019. The 17th edition of Europe's top sustainable urban mobility event gathered the leading figures in the field from across the continent and beyond.

This varied group of city representatives, practitioners, policymakers and academics debated and analysed the most pressing mobility topics and witnessed the pioneering solutions bringing cleaner, better transport to Europe.

Going back to the future

This year's location of Graz marked something of a CIVITAS homecoming - the very first Forum took place there in 2003. Yet mobility moves fast. The reality in Graz is different to 16 years ago, like in many cities across Europe.

But how and why have things changed in this time? What has the role of CIVITAS been in this? What must be done to ensure a continued transition towards sustainable, safe and connected mobility?

To examine these crucial questions, the CIVITAS Forum 2019 went 'back to the future' and looked at the interplay between new technology and classic mobility solutions in the present day. With cities turning to people-centric planning and reclaiming public space, the importance of two legs and wheels is being rediscovered.

Exchanging knowledge in engaging ways

Alongside this, thematic sessions focused on the most urgent mobility topics – many of them addressed by ongoing CIVITAS projects – and provided participants with fora to discover outstanding work from within and beyond the CIVITAS Initiative.

Take-up and transfer sessions made their return. One of the Forum's most interactive elements, they enabled participants to get hands-on with cutting-edge urban mobility tools and see methods in action.

Graz - a city full of smart mobility solutions

Graz is Austria's second largest city with 330,000 inhabitants and the capital of the Province of Styria. It is an ideal place to see the intelligent application of technological solutions together with a citizen-focused mobility vision.

By 2050, Graz aims to be a dynamic, livable, energy-efficient and carbon neutral city. Implementing the Smart City Graz Strategy should create an ideal mix of urban usages, attractive public spaces, and a compact built environment where sustainable mobility comes first.

It also has a long, distinguished track record as a CIVITAS member and for embedding sustainable ideas into its urban development and transport systems.

As well as having one of Europe's largest pedestrian zones, the city was an early implementer of cycling lanes and a parking management system. It also has an intermodal hub system, tim, which enables users to access various shared mobility services, such as car-sharing and e-taxis.

Site visits were held at the beginning and end of the Forum that let visitors discover these and Graz's other mobility innovations.

Sponsors and supporters

This year's event was supported by a wide variety of sponsors and supporters.

Special thanks go to our gold sponsors bike citizens and Doppelmayr and our bronze sponsors CIRC, Energie Steiermark, LEITNER ropeways, and Miovision.

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Media partners

The CIVITAS Forum had four media partners suppporting this year's event: European Energy Innovation Magazine, Innovators Magazine, Internationales Verkehrswesen, and REVOLVE.

Find out more about them here:

Forum report 2019


Sponsors and Supporters

Media Partners


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