Streets for Life: lower speed limits and better public transport


SPINE and UPPER webinar 2

As urban areas continue to face the challenges such as congestion, pollution, as well as cycling and pedestrian safety, finding effective solutions to enhance the quality of life in cities has become crucial. One of the most pressing issues that needs to be addressed is speeding and its detrimental impact on city streets.

The webinar titled "Streets for Life: lower speed limits and better public transport," taking place on 04 April, seeks to do precisely this. The webinar is the second in a series jointly organised by the SPINE and UPPER projects. It will delve into the concept of “Speed Kills” and explore the reasons why traffic calming measures, particularly the implementation of 30km/h zones, are essential when seeking to transform cities into safer and livable places for all residents. Experts from four cities (Bologna, Versailles - Grand Parc, Rome and Rouen) will share insights related to the benefits, challenges, and successful implementation of traffic calming measures. The webinar aims to inspire collaborative efforts in creating safer and more livable cities for all.

Local authorities, policy makers, urban planners, mobility operators, last-mile delivery companies, citizens, and local NGOs are all invited to participate and engage in the ensuing discussions on how we can make our cities safer and more enjoyable for everyone.

For more on registration and the programme, view the event page

Author: PNO Consultants


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