Enschede (Netherlands)

Enschede is a city of 156,109 inhabitants, located in the province of Overijssel in the east of the Netherlands. A modern, vibrant university city, Enschede focuses on mobility management measures for a shift towards the more sustainable modes of transport.

The city of Enschede has a modal split of 3 percent public transport; 42 percent cyclists; and 55 percent private motor vehicles within the city.

The city’s mobility plan focuses on mobility management in order to create a modal shift from the private car to more sustainable modes of transport. Projects aimed at bringing about this modal shift are currently being developed, the largest of which is “Incentive-Zone” that focuses on Enschede’s main business district. It aims to persuade travellers to travel outside peak hours by offering personalised travel information and incentives. Other measures are the construction of a network of bus lanes and the improvement of the quality of bicycle parking facilities. In 2010, a sustainable urban mobility plan will be introduced, integrating both physical and soft measures.

Besides mobility management, Enschede is also exploring the realm of clean fuels and vehicles. It is currently involved in a project to manufacture hybrid buses that will help improve public transport fuel efficiency and reduce the amount of noise they produce. A pilot project is being started to introduce hydrogen-powered vehicles and Enschede is looking for ways to introduce electric vehicles for car sharing. The challenge is to involve private parties as partners in the introduction of new services: Enschede aspires to be a facilitator for sustainable mobility, rather than a service provider.

The city works on the implementation of sustainable urban transport measures in cooperation with the University of Twente, the regional government and several private partners in the fields of behavioural change, communication technology and marketing.

Finalised: February, 2010



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