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0-1000 € per user per month

Application time

0-6 months

Assistance data

Transport APIs, www.maas-api.org

Tool type

Method / Approach Mobile app Option generator Software

Application area

  • Data gathering
  • Analysis, scenarios and measure selection
  • Financing, procurement, legal aspects, measure implementation
  • Evaluation and monitoring
  • Dissemination and communication
  • Exploitation and business plans

Target Audience

  • Small cities
  • Medium-sized cities
  • Large cities
  • Metropolitan regions


Whim is a MaaS-service for consumers combining all modes of transportation.

MaaS Global Ltd is bringing into reality the concept of Mobility as a Service (MaaS), by building the world’s first mobility ecosystem. MaaS Global aspires to upgrade the service level of transportation by joining together public and private transportation providers. Collaboration and integration of services will create a seamless and compelling travel experience for everyone, locally and globally.

Imagine if all your daily travel needs would be covered, with one simple app, with one simple payment – directly from your mobile. Travel as much as you like with a flat fee, or pay-as-you-go, with buses, trains, taxis, cars and more - MaaS provides you the ultimate way to move around. Our revolutionary mobile app, Whim, liberates people from timetables, fixed routes, parking worries and the high costs of owning a car. Born out of a need to be spontaneous, it gives people access to a huge variety of transport options. A Whim subscription means true freedom of mobility.

Good Example

The Whim app is available in the Helsinki Region (Finland) and will be launched in West Midlands (UK) and in Greater Amsterdam (Netherlands) in 2017.

Initial results with Helsinki users has been very positive. For example, usage of public transport has risen and usage of private vehicles was reduced to half. Whim has been successfully combining different transport modes such as public transport, taxis and car rentals together and encouraging private car owners to consider new alternatives for vehicle ownership.


Maas Global

info [at] maas.global


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