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Mobility as a Service (MaaS Mobility)

Application time

To create the same tool for another city (Outside of France) at least 3 weeks if the companies give the right support to do it. (Access to an API & and others supports)

Assistance required

The user doesn't required any knowledge nor training at all (100% user friendly).

Assistance data

traffic counts, Departure/Arrival, Weather, traffic info, journey, Real-time schedule (Public Carrier), location, Twitter account

Tool type

Other Software

Application area

  • Data gathering
  • Dissemination and communication
  • Other

Target Audience

  • Small cities
  • Medium-sized cities
  • Large cities
  • Metropolitan regions


Facebots has become part of the smart city movement in order to work for a more accessible city: using city data to make it smarter and more connected. We collect data, process them, redistribute them to modern men so they can get the information in real time on the right place at the right time.

Facebots from its inception focused on mobility. We launched TramBots the little bot that instantly gives upcoming schedules on Messenger. "TramBots is your friend" for smarter commuting. We wanted to democratize the bots in everyday life until daily use in mobility. Our product became a success in a few days. A mobility bot at the heart of the Smart City that is able to inform on the state of the network of the line and its schedules in real time, to guide the user on multimodal transport to arrive at the destination as efficiently as possible , to geolocate). Trambots represents the new Mobility As A Service

In 6 seconds, you get the next tram stops at the requested stop. Some figures: TramBots gathers +45,000 Active Users in France, more than 150,000 Stops searched and +2M Messages sent by the Bot. TramBots is deployed in 8 major cities in France and currently in international development. Today Trambots is available in Bordeaux, Nantes, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Lille, Lyon, Paris and Marseille. 


MACHINE LEARNING : TramBots is constantly evolving. The more interactions he has with humans the more he understands & anticipates the answers.

COMMUNITY : Whether there are 5, 10 or 100 people at the same time, the bot redistributes the information with the same quality. 

DAILY : More free time for you, more ease in your travels and finally always on time. 

WYSIWYG:  "What You See Is What You Get" 6 seconds to write, 6 seconds to answer you. Answer instantly live.

MULTI PLATFORM : TramBots works with Messenger. Accessible via Smartphone, Tablet & Computer. Nothing to install.



Good Example

If your are not located in France, to test our services you just need to select an address instead of geolocalization. Choose a city where our service work and you can try it out ! 

How to use our tool ? 

First, you need to choose the city where you are at (by taping)  Or geolocate for faster response.   

Second, when the bot did recognize your location, he will propose you the transports that are available in the city & what transports he can propose around you.

Third, Choose your transport mode Or Type directly the Stop Area name that you will be / or waiting. 

(Don't bother to choose a Stop Area name if you don't know any, you can choose a transport mode and the bot will automaticaly show you the stop area near you with the time schedule in real-time.) 

The Bot will answer by showing the schedule in real-time of your Stop Area of the next 4 transports upcoming.  

Example of good practice : 
A worker use the Tramway to go to work. He always starts at the same time each morning for work But the tramway doesn't arrive each morning at the same time in the stop area. Trambots can preview your schedule before arriving at your stop area. 
There is a function that we call "itiniraire" means "route" in Trambots. This function can calculate the exact time that you need to be in the stop area so that you can grab the transports and arrive on time to your destination. Furthermore, Trambots can warn you if there's a problem in the line that you will use the same day. 

One of the goal of TramBots is to give all the information that the user need RIGHT NOW and in ONE ONLY platform (no apps, no websites,...). 

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