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Telraam - WeCount traffic counting
Telraam - WeCount traffic counting

Application Area

  • Data gathering

Tool Type

  • Hardware

Target Audience

  • Medium-sized cities
  • Large cities
  • Metropolitan regions


A European project that enables citizens to initiate a policy-making process with fully automated measurement data in the field of mobility and air quality. The concept is simple: with a sensor in combination with a low-cost computer and software, anyone can count the traffic in his or her street. And with this measurement data, an individual citizen or a group of citizens can contact the local or regional government.

The WeCount project will carry out five different pilot projects at the European level, each with 200 to 250 traffic counters (Telraam). The aim is to quantify local road transport, produce scientific knowledge in the field of mobility and environmental pollution, and devise informed solutions to tackle various road transport challenges. The findings will create new, low-threshold opportunities for transport policy-making and research.

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Basic Information

English, Dutch, Slovenian, Spanish
November 2020
60-80 EUR per tool
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WeCount - Telraam

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