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Traffic volume and speeds, with others subject to scope

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Mobile app Software

Application area

  • Data gathering
  • Analysis, scenarios and measure selection
  • Appraisal and assessment
  • Dissemination and communication

Target Audience

  • Rural areas
  • Small cities
  • Medium-sized cities
  • Large cities
  • Metropolitan regions


StreetBuilder is the first citizen-centric digital service that accelerates local planning and delivery. We’re giving a social purpose to Smart Cities and the Internet of Things.

Street infrastructure on your doorstep affects how you get to work, how you take your kids to school, what vehicle you’ll buy next, how much time you spend with your neighbours, and your wellbeing. It will drive the penetration rate of Autonomous Vehicles and urban robotics.

But if there’s a problem with your street, you want to make it better, or you want access to a new service, all you can do is complain to the council, and then probably nothing will happen. Meanwhile councils want to implement these changes, but can’t win approval from the community at consultation stage. Using tech and citizen power, we can fast track low-cost changes to streets at scale.

Good Example

Please contact us for details of our trials in 2018.

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