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”Focus on Cycling – Copenhagen Guidelines for the Design of Road Projects” translates the City of Copenhagen’s traffic policies into practical guidelines at the project level.

One of the top priority goals in Copenhagen is that roads and paths must be designed to be safe; the number of injured and killed people must be minimised. Another overarching goal is to encourage even more people to cycle by improving cyclists’ sense of security since people need to feel secure before venturing to cycle. The objective that roads shall be easily passable will make the bicycle a more competitive travel option. Finally, a comfortable ride is an important element of a positive cycling experience, which may encourage more people to cycle. Copenhagen has a special focus on designing intersections that are safe, easily passable for cyclists, and where they feel secure. Consequently, “Focus on Cycling” begins with a survey of bicycle friendly intersection solutions. The next chapter deals with section solutions, routes and other cycling infrastructure facilities. Operational considerations must be factored into the design, facilities and equipment and is also crucial for a well-functioning cycling infrastructure. ITS, Intelligent Traffic Systems, is a new option for making traffic more bicycle friendly.

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Since the release of Focus on Cycling in December 2013, the publication has functioned as the main guidelines for the design of road projects in Copenhagen.

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