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The CityMobil2 project which demonstrated Automated Road Transport Systems (ARTS) in urban environment, officially came to an end in August 2016. However, the last publication of the project has been launched in early December at the Polis Conference in Rotterdam (1-2 December 2016). A summary of the CityMobil2 activities and results as well as the main recommendations of the project partners to local, national and European authorities are gathered in the new booklet: "CityMobil2 Experience and Recommendations".

After successful demonstrations in 7 European cites, after more than 25.000 kilometers covered and more than 60.000 passengers transported on fully automatedroad vehicles sharing the infrastructure with other road users, the CityMobil2 project has published a comprehensive summary of the activities undertaken in the framework of the project. In addition to a presentation of the vehicles, the demonstration sites and the activities, the booklet "CityMobil2 Experience and Recommendations" presents the specific approach of the project. The results of the activities are also presented in a comprehensive manner. All aspects related to automation are covered: technology, legislation, road safety, economy, awareness-raising as well as the socio-economic impacts of this new type of mobility.

The booklet also includes the recommendations formulated by the project partners. Local authorities interested in the implementation of automated mobility in their streets will find tailored advice in a dedicated section called "What can cities expect from ARTS?". Another series of recommendations is directed towards the national and European authorities and relate mostly to the legal framework, the support to further research and demonstration activities as well as the inclusion of automation in urban mobility policies.


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