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Application Area

  • Data gathering
  • Evaluation and monitoring
  • Dissemination and communication

Tool Type

  • Method / Approach
  • Mobile app
  • Software

Target Audience

  • Small cities
  • Medium-sized cities
  • Large cities
  • Metropolitan regions


ByCycling is an app to automatically and effortless log your bike rides and which allows you to earn great rewards when commuting by bike to work. ByCycling aim to help companies swap car [commute] trips for bikes, having an effective approach to get more people cycling and change behavior.

Based on some research and feedback, we found that in order to effectively stimulate cycling to work and change behavior we needed to make the platform user-centric. We believe that the right formula is to make something hassle free, personally rewarding and engagingly fun.

We make it easy and effortless for people to use by allowing the user to log their activities automatically. The user is basically not required to interact with the app. ByCycling can recognize different modes of transportation and display the bike rides only. We make it satisfying and rewarding by collaborating with employers to provide rewards to their workforce. These rewards can range from cash or extra paid holidays, for example; recognizing their sustainable effort. And we make it engaging by encouraging users and colleagues to compete against each other via a leaderboard.

ByCycling can also collaborate with governments and cities providing anonymized mobility data which enables insights and analysis of bicycling routes and commute patterns around the world. The data can be collected down to the minute at every geographic point on a city grid 24/7 and glean insights into cycling patterns dissected by time of day, day of week, routes patterns, trips, distance traveled and time spent. 

Good Example

ByCycling first 6 months pilot launched in 5 different KPN offices of the Netherlands recorded 47% participation. 79% of participants said that the app encouraged them to start cycling or to do it more often. 81% of participants claimed to feel more satisfied and engaged with their employer. More than 36,000 km where cycled in 6 months.

Input Data

Apart of login credentials; the app needs to access location data in order to track and measure the cycling activities of the users

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Basic Information

August 2018
The app is available for free. We sell to companies a tailor-made cycling [incentive] program for their employees to use.
Download, installation and on boarding takes 3 min. To launch a full program would take the company approximately 2-3 weeks. We assist our corporate customers with the implementation, research and advice the best way to approach it and promote it.


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